Direct Cremation

A direct cremation is the term used in the funeral industry for the simplest cremation available. It’s a cremation with no funeral service or ceremony beforehand. After death, the deceased goes straight to the crematorium to be cremated, usually in a very simple, plain coffin.

There is continuing research into direct cremations, whilst it may appeal to some individuals,we have to take into account the long term effect it may have on your loved ones you are leaving behind?

Recent research is showing that families who have experienced a loved one having a direct cremation are now beginning to regret the decision. The studies show that families now feel they should of done more for the person who died?

Not having a funeral as closure of a life can leave a longer prolonged grieving process.

Not having the opportunity to mourn their loved one is a regret which is even more common, There is no doubt that a direct cremation is not for everyone.

Whilst here at Adrian Moore Funerals we offer this service, we always use a local crematorium, we do not move your loved one miles and miles away for the cheapest option.

We always use a traditional black hearse and pall bearers.

We never use the back entrance to the crematorium our service is dignified at every step and the coffin is carried in on shoulders through the front chapel entrance.